Started with people going to markets which perhaps not everyday maybe. we move to building more flexible shop and shopping mall which i can say “that still exist”. With the presence on Internet shopping are now made to be a lot much easier with just simple click from the system. But this was only possible with the impact on Information System IS in the world today.

Careful studies on Information Systems today makes us realize the kind of impact it has in the world today. This is so huge that organizations do not only have to adopt it, but also assign a major role in the development of most organizations today. According to (Paul, 2010) he defined the term IS as “a system of people, data records and activities that process the data and information in an organization, and it includes the organization’s manual and automated processes.” However Business Dictionary defines IS as “A combination of hardware, software, infrastructure and trained personnel organized to facilitate planning, control, coordination, and decision making in an organization”. This definition tends to be better when looking at it from the direction on which this site and blogs will focus on which is “The influence of IS in E-Commerce” focussing more on the e-commerce organizations and retailers.